A Third of My Generation is Dead

I have heard the complaints against my generation and even worse against those that come after. Apparently, we are lazy and deviant, and each one is worse than the last. This is a common refrain of the old, and every generation complains about those younger than themselves. But I have a particular beef with the old that put down the young in this instance.

I was born in the 70s, the first wave born under the threat of abortion made legal in 1973 by the Roe. V. Wade Supreme Court decision. The previous generation of Christians were silent in 1972 when the case was heard through 1973 when the decision was made until 1975.

That is when tens of thousands of conservative Christians took the streets of Washington D.C. to protest the Equal Rights Amendment proving that thy were capable of being heard just so long as it was in an effort to win a culture war but not to stop the wholesale slaughter of my innocent brothers and sisters.

They cry about the degradation of my generation, and I say: what generation? You stood by as millions of us were murdered. Our generation is dead. They cry about our laziness, as they insist we work unpaid ‘internships’. They got paying jobs out of college.

They decry our lack of initiative while we wallow through crushing student debt, but college was affordable when they went. And they bemoan our lack of contribution while they watch as social security and Medicare slowly unravel. After 45 years of killing your children, you don’t have enough people paying in to support you.

That is your fear.

You cry about social justice warriors and protesting football players, but you don’t know what this generation could have been had it been allowed to live. The previous generation, to me, seems intent on oppression and upset at anyone who would challenge the status quo.

And I am speaking about the church, the Christians who have supported racism and sexism and a culture that turns it back on widows and orphans and the poor and the immigrant and who blames the victim for having been raped.

I take offense at those who would put down my generation after having allowed so many of them to die before they had any chance at life. The blood of the innocent cries out from the under altar. And those cries will mean your damnation if you do nothing to stay this sacrifice of our youth.

I don’t believe anything will change. I believe that the one truly terrible thing about my generation is a lack of concern for those less fortunate than themselves. A blindness to the plight of the least of these. And they learned it from their parents.

Our failings are a reflection of our parents’ amplified by time. And maybe it would be different if so many of us weren’t already dead. And I watch, as a second chance presents itself.

We have a Congress and President who seem like they might actually pass a pro-life bill, and I watch as not every pro-life organization will support that bill. And I watch as American Christians, by and large, don’t care.

We can end abortion, but we won’t. Just like you didn’t in 1972.

Please do something now. Right the wrong that was made 45 years ago. It’s more important than tax cuts, it’s more important than welfare reform. There will be plenty of time to take from the poor and give to the rich later. This means lives. Right now, the noose is tightening around an infant’s throat, and you can save him.

Do the right thing.

Save a generation. 

Call your state senators, and ask them to co-sponsor HR 490, the Heartbeat Bill. This legislation protects any child with a beating heart from being aborted, and it has been filed federally. This bill could literally be the end of abortion. 

David Bear -- The Christian Rebel

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