It's Okay if You've Screwed Up


How many things in life have I screwed up?

I may never know, but I'm sure it's a lot.

God has forgiven me anyway. I have made a mess of serving Him and He forgives me. Sometimes I have trouble forgiving me but God never does.

He loves me and gives me another chance as long as I can get back up, dust off my pride and choose once again to serve Him even though I will likely screw it up all over again. And in this God gets the glory since I cannot take the credit for any success.

If I were handsome and well spoken and popular I could sway people and it would be my success,but in my infirmity only God can give me victory so that victory is His.

Because I am a hopeless case, then when God sends me to speak, the people must decide whether or not to listen to His voice sent through, in their eyes, the wrong person.

I am willing to serve God so he sends me, not despite the fact that people would rather hear it from someone else but because of it. When God has moved me to speak, it has never gone well. Nobody wants to be told that they are wrong, especially not by me.

And people begin pointing out all of my flaws. “You cuss to much” ”You drink beer” “You're too loud” “You're too vulgar” and on and on and on.

I don't want to tell anybody anything.

I don't know why anyone would, especially me as a total screw up. Nevertheless, I am willing to serve God and He has on occasion given me something to say.

He can use you too. I know a lot of rough and difficult people who love God and wish to serve Him, and He has given them work to do for His Kingdom.

Serve God and don't be afraid to screw it up. Don't allow fear of failure to hold you back. He will always forgive you.

David Bear -- The Christian Rebel

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